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Sheet music from the Lincoln Collection of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library celebrating and commemorating the life of Abraham Lincoln. The collection also includes a number of songs covering other Civil War subjects, as well as minstrel songs.

Visitors should be warned that some songs contain racially offensive language and imagery. These items are examples of the stereotypical nineteeth century dipiction of African Americans and other minorities.

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Give Us Just Another Lincoln
Song depicts desire for a Lincoln-like president. Arrangement for band, orchestra, or mandolin, banjo, and guitar. Cover has likenesses of Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses Grant, and Andrew Jackson surrounded by laurels, three…

A Gloom is Cast O'er All the Land
Song and chorus about death of Abraham Lincoln: "To the memory of our lamented President." Cover depicts floral border around text.

God and Our Rights
Song and chorus about Confederate soldier's call to arms. "To the Friends of Southern Independence." The cover depicts star with sugar cane on either side.

Grand Requiem March
Instrumental song for Abraham Lincoln. Alternative Title: Rest Spirit Rest Grand Requiem March. "To the Memory of Abraham Lincoln." Cover depicts image of Lincoln with his signature to lower right.

Grand Funeral March
Instrumental song for Abraham Lincoln. "To the Memory of Abraham Lincoln." Cover depicts image of Lincoln with his signature to lower right.

Grand Inaugural Polonaise
Instrumental song for Lincoln's second presidential inauguration. "Performed by the Orchestra of the Milwaukee Musical Society at the Inauguration Ball."

Young America Grand March
Instrumental music. "Composed & most respectfully dedicated to Col. J. C. Fremont" Cover depicts image of Fremont, who was the first Republican nominee for president. He was defeated by James Buchanan in the presidential election of 1856.

Grand Triumphal Quick Step
Instrumental music. "Partly Composed and Dededicated to Gen. Zachary Taylor." Cover depicts Zachary Taylor, who commanded one of two principal American armies in the War with Mexico and later served as president from 1849 to 1850. He died in office…

He's Gone to the Arms of Abraham
A "Comic War Ballad," Song depicting a soldier's life in the army as told by his loved one. Cover includes lyrics and chorus. "Respectfully dedicated to E. F. Dixey, Esq."

Hold On Abraham, Uncle Sam's Boys are Coming Right Along
Song depicts 600,000 Union soldiers going to fight for the army. Extended title information: "Song and Chorus: Being a response of Uncle Sam's boys to the call for 'Three Hundred Thousand More,' ("Uncle Sam's Boys Are Coming Right Along.")" and …

Honest Old Abe's Quick Step
An instrumental song "For the Piano" and dedicated "To the Hon. A. Lincoln"

How are You Green-Backs!
Song depicts money arriving to fund United States Army during Civil War. "Dan Bryant's Popular Comic Song" "As sung by him with immense success at Bryant's Minstrels also by Mrs John Wood, in the grand Fairy Extravaganza 'Fair One with the Golden…

How Sleep the Brave
Song depicts sadness at the death of Abraham Lincoln. "To the Memory of the Illustrious Patriot Abraham Lincoln." Cover features title contained in circle with decorative border.

I Love You Just Like Lincoln Loved the Old Red, White, and Blue
Song depicts story of man describing his love for a departed lover by comparing it with Abraham Lincoln's devotion to the United States. Cover depicts color images of young couple in foreground with Abraham Lincoln, soldiers, and flags in the…

General Robert E. Lee Funeral March
Instrumental music in honor of the memory of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, who died on October 12, 1870.

In Memoriam In Honor of President Lincoln
Instrumental music. "Funeral March"

In Memoriam: Quartette on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, the Sixteenth President of the United States
Memorial song expressing grief over the death of Abraham Lincoln. Four part harmony for mixed group.

In Memoriam Abraham Lincoln
Song subtitled "A National Chant" depicts mourning of death of Abraham Lincoln and future of the United States. "To a Mourning World" "To whom sale permission was given by the author and publisher of the poem Messrs J & E Hoch, Boston" Four part…

Song subtitled "In Memoriem" expressing national mourning for Abraham Lincoln. "The words written and dedicated to Col. Theo. S. Case Qr. M. Genl. Of Mo."

In Memory of Abraham Lincoln
Instrumental music. Contained within sheet music entitled "Three Songs without Words"

A Funeral March
Funeral march "In Memory of President Lincoln." Cover depicts portrait of Abraham Lincoln surrounded by border of leaves with wreath of stars over the title.

Iron Brigade Quickstep
Instrumental music. Cover depicts portraits of Colonel E. S. Bragg, Colonel Williams, General Sol. Meredith, Colonel Robinson, and Colonel L. Fairchild surrounded by flags, cannons, and a bald eagle. "Respectfully dedicated to the Western Troops of…

I'se on de Way: Freedman's Song
Mixed-chorus song written in stereotypical African American dialect depicting emancipation from a freedman's view.

Our Lincoln's Act
Mixed-chorus song depicts the death of Abraham Lincoln and the emancipation of slaves. Cover depicts title on a shield surrounded by bald eagle, sun, flags, and swords.

Kingdom Coming!
Mixed-chorus song depicts slave recounting life on plantation in anticipation of freedom while his master flees from approching Union troops.
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