Sadorus Family Collection


Sadorus Family Collection


Sadorus, Henry, 1783-1878
Sadorus, William, 1812-1899
Sadorus, Henry Washington, 1840-1927
Sadorus, George Wade Bacon, 1838-1911


Henry Sadorus (1783-1878) and his family arrived in Champaign County, Illinois, in 1824, settling along the Kaskaskia River in what is today the town of Sadorus. Henry's son, William, platted out the town and made land donations for churches, a school, and a city jail.

William (1812-1899) and his wife, Mary Ann, had five children live to adulthood including George Wade Bacon Sadorus (1838-1911) and Henry Washington Sadorus (1840-1927). George served in the 125th Volunteers during the Civil War and then returned to work the family farm. George's son Frank was a photographer whose collection is now held by the Illinois State Museum. The link to the Frank Sadorus Collection at the Illinois State Museum may be found at

Several images in this collection feature the family of Henry Washington Sadorus including his wife Marvilla; children Addie Sadorus Brumley, William Burt Sadorus, Ernest Sadorus, Nettie Mae Sadorus Apple, Charles Walter Sadorus, and Sarilda Gertrude Sadorus Renfrew; and grandchildren.

Collection Items

Brick House
A curbside view shows a two-story family home.

An exterior view shows a two-story family home covered in dark siding.

Home with Porch
A family home features a front porch and several trees in the surrounding yard.

Home in Decatur
A large yard surrounds the house located at 2264 E. Eldorado in Decatur, Illinois.

Large Family Photograph
Several generations gather for a family photo.

Family Reunion
Many family members gather on benches during a family reunion.

Girl in White
A young girl in a white dress and hat stands outside for a portrait.

Family Portrait
Several generations gather for a family photo.

Girl Pushing Stroller
A young child pushes a doll in a stroller.On verso: "Addie & Edna"

Addie Brumley and Edna Brumley
Addie Brumley and her daughter, Edna, ride in a motor car.

Boy in Tree
A young boy sits in a tree.

Boy Pulling Girl
A young boy pulls a little girl in a wagon.

Children with Doll
Two small children, one holding a doll, pose for a portrait outside an unidentified house.

Man with Axe
A man stands outside of a small shed holding an axe.

Woman and Children with Doll
A woman assists two young children with their doll.

Girl in Flower Garden
A young girl stands amongst flowers in a garden.

An unidentified infant lies on a floral blanket.

Young Man
A young man in a dark suit poses for a portrait.

Henry Washington and Marvilla Sadorus
Husband and wife Henry Washington and Marvilla Sadorus sit for a portrait.

A young woman sits for a portrait wearing a beaded necklace. The image is signed, "Lovingly, Lillian."

Young Woman with Tiered Necklace
A young woman sits for a portrait wearing a three-strand necklace and has feathers on her left shoulder.

Young Woman in Plaid
A young woman sits for a portrait wearing a plaid dress.

Young Woman with Cropped Hair
A young woman sits for a portrait wearing a dark outfit.

Opal Stanner
Opal Stanner wears a dress with a large lace collar.

Young Woman with a Pearl Necklace
A young woman wears a pearl necklace during a portrait session.
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