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Several boats with passengers travel near an unidentified dirigible sitting in water.
The airship America hovers over the Atlantic Ocean after a failed attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean as seen from the deck of the Royal Mail ship Trent.
Two men stand on scaffolding surrounding an unidentified structure.
An unidentified man stands behind the engine of a triplane.
Two women and a man stand in front of a triplane sitting in a field.
An unidentified woman stands at a table next to a large structure on wheels housed in a wooden structure.
A landscape view shows the America'shangar on the coast of Spitzbergen, Norway, as a ship docks in the harbor.
Several men unroll a large piece of fabric under the dirigible America's hanger at Spitzbergen. A docked ship sits in the water at the far end of the hangar.
Several people stand under and on the hangar for the dirigible Republiqueat Roziere-Lapalisse in France.
Photo of mine at Virden, Illinois
Street view of business district
Members of World Miners Federation
On Front: Former United Mine Workers of America Attending 7th Constitutional Convention Congress of Industrial Organizations Hotel Stevens, Chicago, Illinois, Nov. 20, 1944 On verso: Adolph Germer (2nd row, 4th from Right)
On front: In front of San Quentin Prison where Tom Mooney is incarcerated On Verso: George B. Roberts, Representative U. R. W. of A., George "Army" Burdon, Pres. Dist. 5 Council U. R. W. of A., Adolph Germer, Charles West, Jr., Representative U. A.…
On verso: Herbert Resner Att for Tom Mooney; Adolph Germer; S H Dalrymple Pres U R W of A; taken just outside of San Quentin Prison gates after a visit with Brother Tom Mooney Sunday morning June 19, 1938
Mother Jones's gravein Miner's Cemetery, Mount Olive, Illinois
Mother Jones's grave in Miner's Cemetery, Mount Olive, Illinois
Photo of unidentified man looking at the cemetery plots
Close-up view of cemetery entrance gate
View from a distance of cemetery entrance gate
View of mine in Virden, Illinois
Adolph Germer standing next to a headstone for three graves
Photo of General A. Bradley's headstone
View of Miner's Cemetery, Mount Olive, Illinois
Photo of group of people including Adolph Germer and Mother Jones
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