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The 1896 McKinley presidential campaign, in the form of a train, moves forward as supporters and rival candidates including Senator Matthew S. Quay and Speaker of the House Thomas B. Reed attempt to jump on or run along the side.
Seven verse song celebrating American victories over the British, "Root, Hog, or Die" was a common American catch phrase dating before 1834. It can be an expression for self-reliance. There are many variations of the song and both North and South…
"Sate" Parker poses for a portrait with her hair in curls. On verso: "Had to be after 8-1-66."
Members of the Sumner High School baseball team, including Comer Cox, pose for a photograph.
Photo of caves near La Jolla, California
Photo caption: "Mattoon, Ill., Matoon business men fry an egg on the sidewalk as the temperature hits 112 degrees in the shade for the third successive day, L to R, Lawrence Gordon, H. Ray Monson, Helen Walters, Melvin Faller and George Taylor."
Photo caption: "Here are Harold F. McCormick, Chicago millionaire, and his wife, Mme. Ganna Walska McCormick, who were photographed in Switzerland, where they have been honeymooning. They are soon to come to the United States, for Mrs. McCormick has…
Photo caption: "Blaine (left) and Wayne Rideout, 16-year-old twins of Tuscola, Ill., who are rapidly coming into the spotlight of fame as running stars. High school juniors, they are in bed every night at nine o'clock, neither knows the taste of…
Although only one song is presented here, the sheet music cover advertises "25 Prize Songs," including what it lists as "Uncle Abe's Rebellious Boys." The song makes fun of the secessionist states, comparing them to naughty little boys.
A severely damaged car sits on Sixth Street with a dummy passenger lying partially ejected through the windshield. The display served as a caution about dangerous driving practices. A sign on the side of the car reads "Who's next?"
Photo caption: "This photograph shows the flying boat "Trix", owned by Harold McCormick, of Chicago, about to start off on a trip at Hammonsport N.Y. The owner can fly or sail along the top of the water at his will."
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