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A young girl poses outdoors for a portrait.
Portrait of a young woman in full dress.
A member of the Illinois National Guard poses for an outdoor portrait.
Santa and his helpers take Christmas orders including one for "an elephant that doesn't gallup" from the Young Republicans.Cartoon dedication: "To Adlai Stevenson Gov of Illinois- Best Wishes, Kurt Carlson & Smorg!"
Illustrated three verse song about a young army recruit.
Portrait of an unidentified group of young men sitting on a rooftop while a few others stand below.
Two unknown young men pose for a picture while sitting with their dog in a cart hitched to a ram.
An unidentified man poses for a portrait wearing a jacket. On verso: "Heritage? C.N.C. Sludu 188-6 NE of Indipolis."
A young man in a dark suit poses for a portrait.
A young man wearing a suit and top hat stands beside a fence post on Tremont Street.
A portrait of two young Hutchinson girls. The Hutchinson Family Singers were a popular American singing group that toured the United States and Great Britain in the 1840s.
Children of various ages pose outside.
Two young girls stand in a flower garden. On verso: Mrs. H. W. Sadorus, from Elta."
Two young girls stand in the front yard of a home on Tremont Street.
A young girl wearing a white dress and bows in her hair poses for a portrait.
A photograph contains two images of a young girl posing with a high-backed chair.
A young girl wearing a white dress stands outside.
A young Florence Fifer Bohrer sits for a photograph on a stone wall.
Illustrated four verse minstrel song and chorus depicting a slave's anxiety about civil war.
Illustrated four verse minstrel song. A slave wonders what will happen if the country breaks up and what will happen to the slaves.
Subtitle: "Oh, Whar Will I Go IF Dis War Breaks De Country Up." Minstrel song depicting a slave's anxiety about civil war.
Subtitle "Answer to Young Eph's Lament." A minstrel song celebrating emancipation and Union victory over the South. Edwin Kelly and Francis Leon led one of the most successful and popular minstrel troupes in the United States during the 1860s and…
A young boy poses for a photograph wearing a Civil War uniform.
An unidentified Asian boy wearing a hat and collared shirt sits for a portrait.
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