T. P. Robb to Richard Yates



T. P. Robb to Richard Yates


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Memphis Tenn March 5th 1864

Governor Yates

Dear Sir

I hope you will not think me too persistent in my efforts in obtaining a position from Govt, but thinking that perhaps the enclosed might escape your notice, I thought I would forward same and say - that if this bill should become a law, and the prospects of my obtaining a Marshalship doubtfull - I would like the position of Commissioner for this State. Please advise me what steps to take.


T.P. Robb

Ills State San Agt.

The bill which passed the House to-day to establish a Bureau of Freedmen's affairs creates that office in the War Department. It is to be placed in charge of a Commissioner at an annual salary of $4,000, to whom is to be referred the adjustment and determination of all questions arising under any laws not existing, or hereafter to be be enacted concerning persons of African descent, and persons who are or shall become free by virtue of any proclamation, law or order issued or enacted or promulgated during the present rebellion, or by virtue of any act of emancipation which shall be enacted by the State for freemen for such persons held to service or labor within such State, or shall be otherwise entitled to their freedom.

The commissioner is also charged with the execution of all laws providing for the colonization of freedmen and with the delivery of any bonds of the United States, or any indemnity to any State which shall become entitled by reason of the emancipation of slaves within such State or of any act of Congress authorizing the issue of such bonds or payment of such indemnity.

The bill among other things provides for the appointment of an Assistant Commissioner and other officers who are to permit persons of African descent, and persons who are or shall become free to occupy, to cultivate and improve all land lying within districts now or hereafter in rebellion, which lands may have been, or may hereafter be abandoned by their former owners, and to all real estate to which the United States have acquired title. They also are to advance and to aid them when needful, to organize and direct their labor, adjust with them their wages, and receive all returns arising therefrom, which shall be duly accounted for to the Commissioner, and all balances, if any there be after defraying the charges and expenses of the bureau, are to be annually paid into the Treasury of the United States.

Robb, T.P.

Memphis Tenn

Mar 5. 1864

Hopes his pertinacity to obtain a position from the Govt. will be excused. and that if his prospects in obtaining a Marshalship be doubtful that he be appointed a Commissioner.



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