Z. K. Hawley to George A. Williams



Z. K. Hawley to George A. Williams


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(With W.J. Robinson letter 9/17/64)

Overton Hospital Memphis, Tenn. Sept 27, 1864

Capt Geo. A. Williams, U.S A. Provost Marshall


In regards to the inclosed matter of W. B Robinson, Confederate prisoner, I have to say; that I received him from his captor, - whom I directed to return to his duty against the rebels. - and took him to my residence , where he was guarded & cared for during the day. At night Lt. Billings [came?] by order of Lt. Col. Ranch, commanding the 137th Reg. Ill. Vol. to take the prisoner to more appropriate quarters. Lt. Billings inquired at once for weapons & personal effects of the prisoner; [expressing ?] himself as inexperienced in those [duties?], but supposed he was to examine & turn over to the government whatever he found of value. (He was acting Regt Q.M.) He took thirty six (36) dollars in Kentucky & Tennessee currency

and a quantity of "Confederate" paper, the amount of which I cannot state, not regarding it of value. Also a watch, inferior in appearance.

In this transaction I did not regard it as my duty to interfere; but on reflection, & at the request of Mr. Robinson, I called on Lt Billings , to say that I thought he had [transcinded?] his duty, & to urge a return of the property. He said he had "turned over the money to the Quarter Master." I did not learn whom, but supposed he referred to the appropriate Q.M. of this Post. The watch he had retained, "as a memento," not for its value, which was regarded by himself & the Q.M. as very little & of no particular use to the Government and in no sense as part compensation for his own very considerable losses by the raid. He had sent the watch home, with superfluous contents of his tent.

I know nothing further of the case.


Z. K. Hawley Chaplain U.S.A - Overton Hospital

R-B 94- [DWT?] 1864 Overton Genl Hospital Memphis Tenn Sept 17./64

Robinson W. J. Confederate Prisoner

Reports that Lieut BIllings 137th Ill Inf took from him a certain sum of Money also a Silver Watch at the time of Forrests raid on Memphis (Our [enclosure?]) Recd H.Q. [DN5?] 5th Oct 1864 Recd HQ DNC 3rd Oct 1864 Rec Officer PM D of M Sept 24/64

D421 Officer Provost Marshal Dist of Memphis September 26th 1864 Respectfully referred to Chaplain Hawley at Overton Genl Hospital for information Geo. A. Williams Capt [illegible] Inf & Prov Mars

E and W [illegible] Head Quarters District Memphis Memphis Tenn 4 Oct 1864 Respectfully forwarded the 137th Ills Inftry has gone home to be mustered out. RP Brickland Brig General

[E and H 445?] Head Qr Dist West Tenn Memphis Tenn, Nov. 7, 64 Respectfully referred to His Excellency the Governor of the State of Illinois, who is requested to cause the within/case to be thoroughly investigated and report made to these Head Qrs.

C.C. Washburn Major General

Office Provost Marshal District of Memphis D421 Oct 3d 1864

Respectfully forwarded to Brig Genl Buckland Comdg Dist of Memphis Geo A. Williams Capt [illegible] Inf and Pro Mar



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