Simeon Blake to Richard Yates


Simeon Blake to Richard Yates


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Charleston Ills Jan 6/62

To the honorable Gov of Ills

Dear Sir

I have been watching all the movements through all the campaigns thus far and have seen what I think to be good many errors in the commanders now it has ben a rule to apoint none but what has ben at west point to school now I think that wrong there is men that never saw west point give them a disopline but a short time that would make commanders that would be right and need not tell you of this because you know as well as any other man it is a sean that I never expected to witness but it is upon us and we must get out of it some way I feel proud of this State for what she has done in turning out so many volunteers she has done noblely Ohio is my native State I have ben here a little over one year I have had something to do with the melitia line in my time I was in that line six years and had five commisions in the six years in the honorable State of Ohio I had the honor of commanding a rigament in the County of morgan now Sir I think I feel the Same Sperit yet I am redy and willing to serve my Country in any way that I could be useful I seen so many errers that think could be bettered I feel to be amongst them now Sir if you could assign me some post whare I could be useful I would like to try my luck I have seen to many years to shulder a gun if I could help it my spirits are up to seventy six if you wish any recomend I can send to Ohio and get one that will suit Mr Hannah was our

brigadier General we had some west point officers with us at that time that we ware not afeard of anuff at presant

vary Truly yours

Simeon Blake

Simeon Blake

Charleston Ills

Jany 5

Application for officer

Ansd Jany 25

Write my friend of the Meletia line a letter copying (A) or something like

Let West Point hide her diminished head



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