William J. Peak to Richard Yates



William J. Peak to Richard Yates


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Kansas City Mo Jan 28/61

Mr Yates

Dear Sir

I must confess that the present attempt in writing to you is not wholey unattended by embarrassment as I feel as though I was addressing an old acquaintance and friends, but yet a stranger. I knowing but little of you, or you of me, as I was quite small when you left Warsaw Ky. and when you were in there with Mr Ellis, in 48 I think, I was East and had not the pleasure of seeing you, but when you learn that I am Willis Peak's second son you will perhaps have some knowledge of me. But I will weary you by causing you to read over so much to find so little and will come at once to the point. I am permanently settled here with my family (a wife and child) came here to engage in my legitimate business Dry goods, but find all kind of business greatly overdone at present and do not feel willing to embark in any branch until I can see a very great change in things. I have been living

in this county since 54 have only been in the City about a year. I am now quite out of employment, but think that I see where it is in your power to place me in a good situation, which will at least support my family. I refer to our Post Office in this City. The present master who has had it for the past 4 years estimates its value at $1500xx. Mr Vanhorn had the appointment but turned it over to The Foster Bros who have reaped all of the benefit of it, and have forwarded quite a lengthy petition for it again. Both of them are single men, and can live very well without it. I can send a petition with any number of sighners but deem it unnecessary as I know a word from you will do more than all the names I could send. The office I am satisfied would suit me and also that I would render satisfaction to all concerned haveing had some experience in the business. Now Mr Yates, it rest with you, shall I have it or not? I feel entirely confident that your influence would secure it for me beyond a doubt. Will you lend it in my behalf? If so you will confer a favour upon me, and your friends, which will not soon be forgotten. Please let me hear from you soon.

Yours Most Respectfully

Wm. J. Peak



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