Your loving little girlie to Sweetheart


Your loving little girlie to Sweetheart


A lady, possibly connected to the Edwina Booth Grossman family, writes on elegant stationery, dated Monday evening, that she misses her man very much. She chats about the house; mutual friends that include the Hines, Ina, and handymen Harrison and Davis; and supper with Lois. She complains about the cold and notes that Freeman called for the piano. The lady curses her writing paper complaining that it is so greasy that she cannot write without dim spots. She later realizes that her cold cream is the culprit. She ends with "I love you _oh_ so much!" and signs "your loving little girl".


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum


1920s or 1930s; Monday evening








I love you---oh so much!

Monday evening

Sweetheart, it was so good to hear your voice on the phone awhile ago. It seems already as if you had been away some time. I am so glad you had a pleasant trip down, and that you finally got the keys. I am wondering whether you went to the theatre or not.

This afternoon I shut up the parlor & drawing room

for good, and Lois and I had a cosy supper together in servants dining room. it is nice & warm in that little room & we shall use it right along now. Freeman called for the piano.

I saw Harrison and Davis this afternoon, and I explained about the the cases necessary to be made. The bed & mattress in one, the machine, Lois [illegible] and the servants furniture & your case. (Darn this paper it is so greasy I cant write)

all of which took me over an hour to explain, as he & Davis had to discuss the pros & cons of each case, they were too fussy! They will all be ready to ship Wed. except the furniture & as [Havin?] is so busy this week, he is going to pack & ship the chairs Mon. or Tues. of next week. There really isn't such a rush [for?] that. To-morrow I shall get out the other big trunk and start in on that. A little bit each day. I shall also see the Hines too.

I am writing this dear all huddled up in my heavy wrappes, sitting in the bathroom an oil stove at my elbow, as if it is very cold. I am nice & warm however.

Try to send Ina the flowers t-omorrow dear if you can.

Loads of love dear, I miss you so much. keep well, and don't do too much & get all tired.

from your lovely little girlie [two circles and a vertical line] I have just discovered the grease on paper is off my own hands! which I covered with cold cream!



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