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William G. Stratton Collection


Stratton, William G. (William Grant), 1914-2001
Stratton, Diana
Stratton, Sandra
Illinois. Office of the State Treasurer
Hartline, Mary, 1926-
United States. Congress. House
Stratton, Shirley Breckenridge
Illinois Executive Mansion (Springfield, Ill.)
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William Grant Stratton (1914-2001) was the 32nd Governor of Illinois, 1953-1961. First elected in 1952, Stratton, a Republican, was part of the GOP landslide that came with the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower to the presidency that year.

This collection contains family and professional photographs from Governor Stratton's two terms in office.

Collection Items

Diane Stratton Wedding
Wedding photo of Diana Stratton, the daughter of Governor William Stratton, the thirty-second Governor of Illinois, 1953-1961. Diana Joy Stratton married Norman Weiskopf at St. John Lutheran Church in Springfield on September 10, 1960.

William Stratton's Birthday
Governor William Stratton, the thirty-second Governor of Illinois, 1953-1961, receives a piece of his birthday cake from Illinois secretary of state Charles Carpentier.

Board of Supervisors, Lake County
Members of the Lake County Board of Supervisors gather for a group photo on the stairs of an unidentified building's entrance.

William J. Stratton and Sons
William J. Stratton poses for a portrait with his two young sons, William G. Stratton and C. Kerwin Stratton. William J. Stratton served as a game warden with the Department of Agriculture (Division of Game and Fish).

State Treasurer Inauguration
Marion Stratton looks on as her husband, State Treasurer William G. Stratton, shakes the hand of an unidentified man at the State Treasurer Inauguration.

Hook Family at Inauguration
Melvin Hook, Charles Hook, Jennie Hook, Marion (Hook) Stratton, William Stratton, and Kerwin Stratton pose for a group photo at William Stratton's inauguration as State Treasurer.

Stratton Girls and Family at Inauguration
An unidentified woman speaks with sisters Diana and Sandra Stratton as they sit on a couch with their grandmother, Jennie Hook, and uncle, Melvin Hook, during the inauguration of their father, William G. Stratton, as State Treasurer.

William G. Stratton and Young Supporter
Governor William G. Stratton enjoys a welcome sign displayed on the bicycle of a young boy.

William G. Stratton and Daughters
William G. Stratton stands at his desk with his daughters Diana and Sandra.

Stratton Family in the Kitchen
Diana and Sandra Stratton, daughters of Governor William G. Stratton, help their grandmother, Zula Van Wormer Stratton, and step-mother, Shirley Stratton, perpare a meal and wash dishes in the family home in Morris.

Diana Stratton and Sandra Stratton with Horses
Sisters Diana and Sandra Stratton stand with their horse Chips at the Collins Farm, north of Morris.

Ingleside School
The students, including a young William G. Stratton, of Ingleside School in Lake County, Illinois, pose for a school photo in 1922. Back row (l-r): Eddie Langbein, Norman Tweed, Russell Hewitt, Francis, Don Graham, Bud Lumber, Jennie Willett, Emilieā€¦

Executive Mansion Nativity
A nativity scene sits illuminated in front of the Governor's Mansion in Springfield. A large Christmas tree covered in lights stands to the far right.

William G. Stratton at Lincoln Home
Governor William G. Stratton stands with an unidentified woman preparing tea in the kitchen of the Abraham Lincoln Home in Springfield.

William G. Stratton and Reporters
Governor William G. Stratton gives a press briefing to the press corps in the press room.

William G. Stratton and Shoe Shiner
Governor William G. Stratton receives a shoe shine from an unidentified man.

Washington Conference
Governor William G. Stratton (far left) attends a conference with Vice President Richard Nixon (second from right) and two unidentified men. A camera flashbulb partially obcures the photo.

William G. Stratton, Mary Hartline, and Diana Stratton
Governor William G. Stratton and his daughter Diana pose with Mary Hartline and several recordings from her tv show, "Super Circus".

Edmund J. Kucharski
Edmund J. Kucharski, a Cook County Republican leader, poses for a portrait.Image dedication: "To Governor William G. Stratton, Kindest regards, Edmund J. Kucharski."

William G. Stratton
Governor William G. Stratton stands behind a chair for a portrait.

Sandra Stratton
Sandra Stratton poses for a portrait wearing a dark drape over her shoulders.

Shirley Stratton with Major
Shirley Stratton and the family dog, Major, sit in a living room for a portrait.

William G. Stratton and Billy Stratton
William John "Billy" Stratton sits at the governor's desk while his uncle, Governor William Stratton, stands next to him,

Stratton Family
Governor William G. Stratton poses for a portrait with his daughters, Sandra and Diana, and second wife, Shirley Stratton.

William G. Stratton
A drawing depicts Governor William G. Stratton.
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