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Leonard Fulton Ross
In his portrait, Leonard Ross is in his Union military jacket. He was a colonel in the 17th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was in charge of the Yazoo Pass Expedition and guarded Vicksburg from the north. Ross was from Lewistown, Fulton County. The…

J. G. Fox
In this portrait, J. G. Fox is wearing a suit jacket and a shirt without a tie. Fox fought in the American Civil War and was enlisted in Company F of the 114th Illinois Infantry.

C. H. Burns
In this portrait, C. H. Burns is wearing a Union military uniform. He is standing on a tiled floor with his left hand on the back of an elaborate chair and his right hand holding a hat. His jacket is unbuttoned, and his vest is fully buttoned. The…

John B. Turchin
John Basil Turchin, controversial Union Civil War officer, was born Ivan Vasilyevich Turchaninov in Russia in 1822, and Americanized his name after he immigrated to the United States in 1856.Serving as a regimental, division, and brigade commander in…

Colonel John B. Lesage
Colonel John B. Lesage poses for a portrait wearing his military uniform.

Colonel Daniel Bradley
Colonel Daniel Bradley poses for a portrait wearing his military uniform.
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