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Samuel Alschuler Collection


Alschuler, Samuel, 1859-1939
Appellate courts
United States. Court of Appeals (7th Circuit)
Alschuler, Samuel, 1826-1882
Illinois. General Assembly. House of Representatives


Samuel Alschuler, judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (1915-1936), was born in Chicago, Illinois, on November 20, 1959 to Bavarian-born Jacob and Caroline Stiefel Alschuler. After growing up and attending school in Aurora, Alschuler began practicing law at the age of twenty-two in 1881 and starting in the 1890s, served as a public servant for the rest of his life. As a Democrat, Alschuler won a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives in 1896. He became the House Minority leader in 1898, a position he held until leaving the House of Representatives in 1900. Alschuler unsuccessfully ran for Illinois State Governor in both 1900 and 1912. In 1915, President Woodrow Wilson recognized Alschuler’s potential and appointed him to the U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit. Alschuler served as arbitrator during the meat packing labor dispute of 1918. During the coal labor problems of 1922, President Warren Harding also asked him to serve on a coal fact-find commission. Alschuler, uncertain if he could properly be a member of the commission while serving on the federal bench, chose to serve unofficially as a legal advisor to the commission. In 1925, he became the presiding judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a position he held for nine years, and retired in May 1936. Alschuler was a bachelor until 1923, when he married the daughter of the Chicago clothing manufacturer Ella Kahn. On November 10, 1939, Samuel Alschuler died, having no children.

Judge Samuel Alschuler is related to the nineteenth century photographer, Samuel Alschuler. The photographer is best known for photographing Abraham Lincoln in Urbana, Illinois, in 1858 in which Lincoln wore Alschuler's black suit coat which was far too small for the political figure. Images taken by the photographer Samuel Alschuler are included in this collection.

The finding aid for the Samuel Alschuler Papers, 1890-1940 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum may be found at: 

This collection features photographs relating to Samuel Alschuler and his family, including unidentified family members and scenes from Chile. 

Collection Items

Samuel Alschuler
Samuel Alschuler sits for a portrait in his young adulthood. On verso: Mr. Jameson compliments of Samuel Alschuler May 1895.Attached letter dated March 2, 1936: "Hon Samuel Alschuler, Chicago Ills. My Dear Sam: I am endorsing a photograph of a fine…

Samuel Alschuler
Samuel Alschuler sits in profile for a portrait.

Samuel Alschuler
Samuel Alschuler sits for a portrait taken in the year of his death.

Samuel Alschuler
Samuel Alschuler sits in partial profile for a portrait taken in the year of his death.

Samuel Alschuler
Samuel Alschuler poses for a portrait taken in the year of his death.

Samuel Alschuler
A candid photograph captures Samuel Alschuler in profile. On verso: "A candid shot of Uncle Sam, taken in his chambers by Sam Alschuler. Probably 1934 or 1935."

Honorable Samuel Alschuler
The newly appointed federal judge, the Honorable Samuel Alschuler, sits for a portrait wearing his judge's robes.Photo caption: "New portrait of United States Circuit Judge. Here is an especially posed portrait, and a good one too, of Judge Samuel…

Samuel Alschuler
Samuel Alschuler stands for a portrait with one hand in his suit coat pocket. On verso: "Probably Uncle Sam's last formal photograph. I think it was taken by Moffett in 1939, but several month's before he died."

Francis Elisha Baker
Judge Francis Elisha Baker was a justice on the Indiana Supreme Court from 1899-1902. The United States Senate confirmed him to the 7th Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals in 1902 where he served until his death in 1924. Baker served on the…

Harriet M. Hurst
Harriet M. Hurst, wife of Elmore W. Hurst of Rock Island, a Democratic Representative in the Illinois General Assembly from 1888-1898, poses for a portrait.

D. J. Carnes
D. J. Carnes, judge of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit and member of the Appellate Bench, Second District of Illinois, sits for a portrait. On verso: "Judge D. J. Carnes Dec., late of Sycamore, Ill."

Girl and Doll
A small girl holds her doll during a portrait sitting.

Woman in a Dark Dress
An unidentified woman wears a dark dress with a light collar during a portrait sitting.

Woman and Curtain
An unidentified woman in a dark dress stands next to a curtain during a portrait session.

Four Men in Hats
Four unidentified men pose in front of the camera wearing hats.

Man in Dark Jacket
An unidentified man poses for a portrait wearing a dark jacket.

Man with Beard
An unidentified bearded man poses for a portrait wearing a bow tie.

Man with Chair
An unidentified man rests his hand on a chair positioned in front of a curtain during a portrait session.

Woman and Table
An unidentified woman in a dark dress leans on a table during a portrait session.

Woman in a Dark Dress
An unidentified woman in a dark dress poses for a portrait. An orange two-cent postage stamp featuring George Washington is on the back.

Winter at Lake Superior
The view of a house is obstructed by a large snow drift after a heavy snowfall.

An exterior view of a two-story home highlights porches on the first and second floors of the building.

Samuel Alschuler and Unidentified Women
Judge Samuel Alschuler sits outdoors with two elderly women.

Ottawa Beach, Michigan
Sig. Livingstone, A. Roth, Mamie Lyons, Miss Flower, Mrs. Flower, and Judge Samuel Alschuler pose for a portrait in front of an Ottawa Beach resort in Michigan.

Woman in Garden
A woman named Kathleen sits peacefully in a garden. On verso: "Kathleen in the Garden."
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