Corneau-Roberts Family Collection


Corneau-Roberts Family Collection


Corneau, Joseph B. (Joseph Barton), 1875-1963
Corneau, Octavia Ridgely Roberts, 1875-1972
Wedding costume
Lincoln Group of Boston


The Corneau-Roberts Family Collection includes family images from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Specific individuals included in the collection include Joseph Barton Corneau and his wife, Octavia Ridgely Roberts Corneau. Octavia Roberts Ridgely Corneau was one of five children of Charles D. Roberts, a men’s clothing merchant, and Octavia Ridgely, who was the daughter of prominent Springfield banker, N. H. Ridgely. She was a reporter for the Illinois State Journal prior to her marriage. On December 27, 1913, she married Joseph Barton Corneau, an attorney, in Springfield. A former Springfield resident, Corneau was the son of W. B. Corneau, former treasurer of the Wabash Railroad.

The finding aid for the Octavia Roberts Corneau Papers, 1857-1959 may be found at:

Collection Items

Charlie Corneau
Charlie Corneau poses for a portrait at age 22 wearing a bowtie.

Woman in White
An unidentified woman poses for a portrait wearing a white dress.

Woman Wearing Headband
A young woman wearing a beaded headband poses for a portrait in profile. The portrait is signed, "To My Adorable Octavia from Julia".

Drawing of a Woman
A drawing depicts an unidentified woman looking off to the side.

Wedding Reception
Lionel Remond Lenox II and Catherine Corneau Lenox, taken December 9, 1945, at their wedding reception at the home of Lionel’s sister, Helen Lenox Black, in Oakland, California.

Man in Dark Suit
An unidentified man in a dark suit poses for a portrait.

Ruth Remond Lenox and Nancy Alice Lenox
Ruth and Nancy Lenox, ages 4 and 3, play with an Easter bunny in the yard of their home on Harper Street in Santa Cruz, California.

Woman on Bench
An unidentified woman sits on a wooden bench next to two leaded windows.

Woman in Black
An unidentified woman poses for a portrait wearing a dark top.

Man and Child Reading
A man and child sit together reading a magazine.

Joseph Barton Corneau
Joseph Barton Corneau, husband of Octavia Roberts Corneau, stands with his hands in his pockets for a portrait. The photograph is signed "To my good friend Bert Buffum with affectionate regard, Barton Corneau."

Group Outside House
A large group of men and women gather outside a farm house for a photograph.

Lincoln Group of Boston
Members of the Lincoln Group of Boston pose for a portrait next to a framed portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Three Boys
Three unidentified boys sit for a portrait.

Lenox Family at Home
The Lenox family at their home on Harper Street in Santa Cruz, California. Pictured left to right areLionel Remond Lenox, II; Nancy Alice Lenox with thumb in mouth; Ruth Remond Lenox; and Catherine Corneau Lenox holding twin sisters: Catherine Louiseā€¦

Woman in Profile
An unidentified woman sitting in a chair and wearing pearls poses for a portrait.

Woman Wearing Lace
An unidentified woman wearing lace and a beaded necklace poses for a portrait.

Woman Wearing Glasses
An unidentified woman wearing glasses sits in a wooden armchair for a portrait.

Woman with Handkerchief
An unidentified woman wearing a dark dress holds a white handkerchief during a portrait session.

Woman Wearing Monogrammed Shirt
An unidentified woman wearing a monogrammed shirt and pearls is captured in a candid photograph.

Newly Married Couple
A bride and groom stand with their parents outside the entrance to a church. The photograph subjects are identified as (from left to right) "Husband", "Self", "Trevor". "Marlene", and "Marlene Mom and Dad".
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