Graves Family Collection


Graves Family Collection


Graves, Willard, 1799-1875


The Graves Family Collection includes portraits of several members of the Willard Graves family. Willard Graves earned his fortune in South America before returning to life in Mendota, Illinois. In 1867 Graves purchased over 15,000 acres of land in Nebraska as a land speculator. Graves donated a large sum of money for the purpose of establishing the Mendota Public Library in 1873.

Members of the Graves Family featured in this collection include Willard Graves; his wife, Emeline; daughter, Jerusha; and grandchildren Ada Mills Graham, Allie Graham, and Willard P. Graham.

Collection Items

Ada Mills Elmer
Ada Mills Elmer poses for a portrait wearing a plaid tie.On verso: "Rochelle, Ills; Born Feb. 10, 1858; Died Apr. 23, 1919; She married Dr. Andrew B. Elmer a dentist at Rochelle."

Ada Mills Graham
Ada Mills Graham, daughter of Jerusha Mills, sits for a portrait in a black dress.

Allie Graham
A young Allie Graham stands for a portrait. On verso: "Rochelle, Ills. - Married Mr. Hesper of California. Her mother Jerusha Mills took her to Colton Calif. for lung trouble."

Willard P. Graham
A young Willard P. Graham stands for a portrait. On verso: "Son of Jerusha Graves Mill Graham Mills. He was a banker and killed by a car while crossing a street in Rockford."

Emeline Castle Graves
Emeline Castle Graves sits at a table during a portrait session. On verso: "Mendota, Ills - Emeline was a sister of J. B. Castle. She had a twin sister Caroline. She married Willard Graves. Her children."

Emeline Castle Graves
Emeline Castle Graves sits with a book in her lap during a portrait session. On verso: "Mrs. Willard Graves, Mendota, Ills."

Willard Graves
Willard Graves poses for a portrait. On verso: "Mendota, Ills. Born Oct. 10, 1799; Died July 14, 1875; Married Emeline Castle; Children Philo, George, Jerusha. Willard Graves became a wealthy man. He went to S. America when young. He brought back to…

Jerusha Graves
Jerusha Graves sits for a portrait wearing a dark dress with an elaborate bow at the collar. On verso: "Married 3 times - 1st Moses Mills - 2nd Graham - 3rd Mills. She was niece of J. B. Castle. Her first husband was killed somewhere in Montana by…

Philo Castle Farm
A landscape view features Philo Castle Farm in Wilmington, Vermont, the birthplace of Emeline Castle Graves.

Willard Graves Monument
The Willard and Emeline Graves sepulchral monument stands in a cemetery in Mendota. On verso: "So. Side - Emeline wife of Willard Graves died Sept. 7, 1866 aged 55 yrs 9 days - Williard Graves died July 14, 1875 aged 72 years 9 mo 4 da; No. Side - As…
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