Alma Trumbull Collection


Alma Trumbull Collection


Trumbull, Alma, 1883-1894
Trumbull, Lyman, 1813-1896
Children of politicians


Alma Trumbull was the youngest daughter of United States Senator Lyman Trumbull and Mary Ingraham. Alma Trumbull did not live to adulthood.

Photographs in this collection include several portraits of Alma Trumbull including one with her father.


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Lyman Trumbull Collection

Collection Items

Alma Trumbull Wearing Dark Hat
Young Alma Trumbull wears a dark hat for a portrait session.

Alma Trumbull and Painted Frame
A hand-painted floral border surrounds a portrait of Alma Trumbull.On verso: "Dear Alma's picture - the last one taken of her and the little frame she made for it - with her painting on it."

Alma Trumbull in a Striped Dress
Alma Trumbull sits on a bench wearing an elaborate striped dress.

Alma Trumbull with Clasped Hands
Alma Trumbull poses for a portrait with her hands clasped beneath her chin.

Alma Trumbull
Alma Trumbull wears a dress with a ruffled neckline for a portrait sitting.

Alma Trumbull in Large Hat
Alma Trumbull wears a large frilly hat during a portrait session.

Alma Trumbull Wearing Bonnet
Alma Trumbull wears a bonnet and plays with its ribbons during a portrait session.

Alma Trumbull in Profile
Alma Trumbull poses for a portrait in profile while wearing a wide-brimmed hat.
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