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Spectators gather as a parade travels through the north side of the square in Taylorville.
Two girls sit outside on steps wearing hats and dress clothes while posing for a picture.
Adults and children walk in a Memorial Day Parade in Taylorville.
Spectators view a partially collapsed railroad bridge from an adjacent secure railroad bridge.
View from a river bank of a partially collapsed railroad bridge. Individuals can be seen walking across a secure railroad bridge at the same unknown location.
Portrait of Ferdinand Boch standing next to a bicycle with a shotgun in his arm.
Portrait of Harry Knouff tending to a mule.
Portrait of Stephen Boch, Sr. hunting in winter.
Portrait of Ferdinand Boch standing in the snow with a firearm.
The Boch brothers stand around an American flag while posing for a picture. From left to right are Max Boch, Otto Boch, Frank Boch, and Frederick "Fritz" Boch.
Ferdinand Boch sits on a stationary Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Ferdinand Boch sits next to a camera while posing for a picture.
An unidentified family gathers outside a building with their dog for a picture.
The children of Austrian immigrants Agatha Boch Paul and Bartl "Bartt" Paul pose for a picture.
An unidentified building sits at the center of a town square.
The east facade of the New State Capitol, the sixth capitol building in the history of the state.
Several onlookers survey a train accident.
Several individuals examine the site of a trolley crash.
Portrait of an unknown child sitting propped in a baby carriage.
Two young boys smiling while sitting in a chair.
Two unknown young men pose for a picture while sitting with their dog in a cart hitched to a ram.
Portrait of Andy Newman and an unidentified man standing in their Army and Navy uniforms, respectively.
Portrait of two unidentified young women standing in a grassy field wearing skirts and brimmed hats.
Portrait of an unidentified group of young men sitting on a rooftop while a few others stand below.
Portrait of an unidentified group of young men in front of a small building in a wooded area, many of them drinking from bottles.
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