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Agatha Boch Paul poses for a portrait outdoors.
Portrait of Andy Newman and an unidentified man standing in their Army and Navy uniforms, respectively.
Portrait of Anna "Annie" Paul holding a parasol.
Portrait of Antoine Albright with taxidermied animals, including raccoons and several types of birds.
Three armed men are photographed walking down a rural road.
Portrait of several men holding various musical instruments on a porch.
Bob King, his wife, and their three children pose for a family portrait outside a house.
Portrait of Brownie Smith in uniform with an unidentified man lying in the grass in the background.
Several men work to construct the framework of a building at an unidentified location.
Men extinguish a building fire at an unknown location.
A brick building sits partially in ruin at an unknown location.
Charlie Oats and four other men pose for a picture with their hunting dogs and guns.
A woman and children stand outside of a chicken coop.
Portrait of a boy and girl in First Communion clothes holding a rosary and prayer books.
A circus parades through a neighborhood in Taylorville.
A man sits perched in his automobile on a muddy road.
Several family members stand in the doorways of two shacks.
Several children and some livestock roam the yard of a farmhouse in an unidentified location.
Ferdinand Boch, a coal miner, poses outside a car with a dog. His wife, Ruth Boch, is presumably pictured in the car.
Ferdinand Boch sits next to a camera while posing for a picture.
Ferdinand Boch sits on a stationary Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Portrait of Ferdinand Boch standing in the snow with a firearm.
Portrait of Ferdinand Boch standing next to a bicycle with a shotgun in his arm.
Ferdinand Boch and his wife, Ruth Boch, sit in a car in Hudson.
The Boch brothers pose for a portrait. From left to right (back row): Ferdinand Boch, Frank Boch, and Max Boch. From left to right (front row): Otto Boch and Frederick "Fritz" Boch.
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