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Children ride on a ferris wheel at an unknown location.
Several onlookers observe patrons enjoying an amusement ride.
A woman and children stand outside of a chicken coop.
Several young men enjoy a ride down a dirt road.
Ferdinand Boch and his wife, Ruth Boch, sit in a car in Hudson.
Spectators enjoy a parade in Taylorville.
A sheep drinks from a bowl beneath two trees.
A man sits perched in his automobile on a muddy road.
A young boy sits in a chair with one of his toys.
A young boy stands on a railroad bridge.
A young Frank Boch stands with hunting rifle and squirrels.
A portrait of Marcella Hogarth (left) and twin sister Marguerette Hogarth (right) with Albert Ennis (center), all of Taylorville.
Portrait of Stephen Boch, Sr. (seated) with his sons, from left to right, Frederick "Fritz" Boch, Otto Boch (seated), Max Boch, and Frank Boch.
Portrait of Boch brothers of Taylorville. From left to right: Frederick "Fritz" Boch, Frank Boch, Otto Boch, and Max Boch.
Max Boch (left), Otto Boch (center), and Frank Boch (right) sit perched holding guns.
Portrait of brothers Frederick "Fritz" Boch (left), Frank Boch (second from left), and Max Boch (second from right) with their niece and nephew Anna "Annie" Paul (center) and Frank Paul (right).
Portrait of Frederick "Fritz" Boch (left), Max Boch (center), and Frank Boch (right).
Portrait of the Boch brothers and their niece and nephews, from left to right: Max Boch, Frank Boch, Frank Paul, Frederick "Fritz" Boch, Otto Boch (middle), Anthon "Tony" Paul, Anna "Annie" Paul, and Rudolph "Rudy" Paul.
Portrait of young boys from Taylorville, including August Lahosit, brothers Max Boch, Otto Boch, and Frederick "Fritz" Boch, and the Boch brothers's nephew Frank Paul.
Portrait of brothers Frank Boch (left) and Otto "Shorty" Boch (right).
Portrait of brothers, from left to right, Frank Boch, Frederick "Fritz" Boch, Max Boch, and Otto Boch, with their mother, Maria Boch.
Portrait of Stephen Boch, Sr. (right) and another Boch family member (left) with their hunting gear.
Portrait of Stephen Boch, Sr. hunting in winter.
Portrait of Frederick "Fritz" Boch with his coal mining equipment. Boch was born in Taylorville and worked at the Peabody Mine.
Portrait of Stephen Boch, Sr. with his dog and hunting rifles..
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