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Claude Wyatt stands next to a chair for a portrait.
James Acree and Lucy Acree pose side by side for a portrait. Lucy was the aunt of Eva Stricklin and sister of Frank Hewitt.
The children and faculty of the school gather for a class photo. The Illinois Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb opened in 1846 in Jacksonville, housing children across the state who were hard-of-hearing. It was later renamed theā€¦
Charles Carlos Hewitt poses for a portrait next to a bicycle. Charles was the eldest brother of Eva H. Stricklin.
Emma Hewitt, the mother of Frank B. Hewitt, wears several pieces of jewelry for her portrait.
Benjamin "Bub" Edwards, the brother of Emma Edwards Hewitt and uncle of Eva H. Stricklin, stands next to a fake wall during a portrait session.
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