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Patients of the Kankakee State Hospital relax on front lawn near gazebo and Hampton Hall. On verso: "Sheep used to keep grass short."
Patients of the Kankakee State Hospital work in the fields as a part of their therapy.
Members of the Kankakee State Hospital's baseball club pose for a team photo.
A man sits in a room at the Kankakee State Hospital decorated for Christmas while a nurse stands on the opposite side.
Several men sit on long benches in a ward of the Kankakee State Hospital.
Several women work on clothing items in the Kankakee State Hospital sewing room. This photograph was taken just after electricity was installed in the psychiatric hospital.
A library patron asks the librarian a question while several other patrons read at tables in the Kankakee State Hospital library.
Horse-drawn fire equipment sits inside the old firehouse.
Men sit on or lie in their beds in a croded Kankakee State Hospital dorm.
Several men and women work in the Kankakee State Hospital's cannery.
Patients of the psychiatric hospital enjoy time at the zoo.
Patients of the Kankakee State Hospital take part in a gym class on the lawn.
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