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Joseph Cannon plays a round of golf with two other men.
An exterior view shows Joseph Cannon's multi-level home in Danville.
An exterior view shows the two-story brick home in Canton, Ohio, where Mary Reed Cannon was born. On verso: "House in Canton, Ohio where Mrs. J. G. Cannon (Mary Pamela Reed) was born in about 1891. Mrs. Frances Scovil Reed, (Bailey)."
A group of people, including Joseph Cannon, sits on the porch of D. W. Taylor's cottage in Litchfield. On verso: "With kindest regards, D. W. Taylor."
United States Representative Joseph Cannon speaks to a crowd from a gazebo at the 1914 Westfield Horse Show. On verso: "Westfield, Ill Oct 30-1914; Hon. J. G. Cannon, Dear sir: I enclose this thinking it may interest you, if not it may furnish you…
United States Representative Joseph Cannon stands on a stage with several seated women at the dedication of a memorial fountain placed in front of a government building in Danville. On verso: "Hon. J. G. Cannon, making a speech at Danville, Ills. on…
Joseph Cannon stands in front of a group of people on a stage at the laying of the cornerstone for the post office in Danville, Illinois.
A sketch of retiring United States Representative Joseph Cannon by Edward J. McGrath replicates the cover image of the first TIME Magazine drawn by William Oberhardt.Image caption: "J. G. Cannon, Danville, Ill. Speaker of House of Representatives."
United States Representative Joseph Cannon stands outside a building wearing a coat and hat.
United States Representative Joseph Cannon poses for a portrait with his arms folded in front.
Mary Pamela Reed Cannon, wife of Joseph G. Cannon, leans against the back of a chair during a portrait session.
Joseph Cannon sits for a portrait wearing a suit.
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