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On verso: "Hitler's bombed Mt. home above Berchtesgaden, Ger. 14 Apr. 46."
On verso: "A silhouette of me in the large window of Hitler's home above Bechtesgaden, Ger. Picture taken from inside the badly bomb-damaged home. 14 Apr. 46."
On verso: "Bamberg, Ger. Spring 1946. Evening in the barracks. Larry, Shorty, Mouldy."
On verso: "Bamberg, Ger. Spring 1946. Evening in the barracks. Jay, Pat, McBissel."
On verso: "Modern farming. Germany. Aug. 45."
On verso: "Me drinking beer out of a big mug in Unna, Ger. May 45."
On verso: "Unloading SS Prisoners of Mauthausen Con. Camp for trial at Dachau, Ger. April 46."
On verso: "Crematorium at Dachau Con. Camp. April '46." Sign in photograph reads "This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000 individuals who were cremated here. Please dont destroy."
On verso: "Don Kemper & Larry in Crematorium at Dachau Con. Camp. April '46."
On verso: "Entrance to Dachau Concentration Camp - Ger. April 46."
A large sign stands outside the American Red Cross Doughnut Dugout.On verso: "Near Nurnberg, Ger. 1 April 46."
A soldier stands outside the entrance to an American Red Cross coffee shop called "Java Junction."On verso: "Near Sttutgart, Ger. 2 April 46. A Red Cross Dugout & fuel point on the autobahn."
On verso: "Angel of Peace statue in Munich, Ger. March 1946."
Several soldiers sit on the ground while taking a break during their travels.On verso: "On the road to Bad Tolz, Ger. 1 April 46. 10 minute break."
Two Nazi soldier graves stand next to a few trees.On verso: "Two Kraut graves near the mess hall - Bamberg, Ger. Mar. 46."
On verso: "Brewery, near the Caserne. Bamberg, Ger. Mar. 46."
An exterior view shows the former Schutzstaffel (SS) barracks at Bamberg.On verso: "Where I work SS Casserne at Bamberg, Ger. Oct. 45."
Several people ice skate on the frozen Regnitz River in Bamberg, Germany.On verso: "Krauts ice skating on the River. Bamberg, Ger. Jan. 46."
Two men sit on a fence on the bank of the Regnitz River in Bamberg, Germany.On verso: "Pat & Mouldy. Bamberg, Ger. Spring 1946."
On verso: "Bavarian children peddling postcards near Hitler's home above Berchtesgaden, Ger. 16 Apr. 46. Jack Reid in picture."
On verso: "AFN Broadcast from Largs Bay Club, Bamberg, Ger. Nov. 45. Linderman doing a tenor solo."
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