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Instrumental music. Color cover depicts four Zouaves standing in front of troops on a field. Under images are several Unites States flags with a star in the center and eagle above. Handwritten note "Ellsworth" identifies second from right as Elmer E.…
Patients of the psychiatric hospital enjoy time at the zoo.
Zephaniah K. Hutchinson and his wife Elizabeth Nettleton, with whom he had two children. Zephaniah was previously married to Abigail Perkins, with whom he had four children. The Hutchinson Family Singers were a popular American singing group who…
Yucca, a rubber-producing plant, thrives in western Texas.
Several youth baseball players pose in their dugout for a photo.
Several youth baseball players stand along Comiskey Park's third base line listening to a speaker at a Chicago White Sox Game.
A youth baseball coach speaks with his catcher at a game.
An unidentified girl calls a baseball game.
Students in a youth band practice playing a number of instruments including trombones, tubas, saxophones, clarinets, french horns, and drums.
"As sung by Mr. Phillips at the request of President Lincoln." Page contains four lines of music with six verses and explanatory text. Fascimile of note by Abraham Lincoln rquesting that this song be sung, followed by a short account of the singing,…
A lady, possibly connected to the Edwina Booth Grossman family, writes on elegant stationery, dated Monday evening, that she misses her man very much. She chats about the house; mutual friends that include the Hines, Ina, and handymen Harrison and…
Portrait of two unidentified young women standing in a grassy field wearing skirts and brimmed hats.
Two young women embrace one another.
A young woman sits for a portrait wearing a three-strand necklace and has feathers on her left shoulder.
A young woman sits for a portrait wearing a dark outfit.
A young woman wears a pearl necklace during a portrait session.
A young woman poses for a portrait wearing a white dress.
A young woman sits for a portrait wearing a plaid dress.
A young woman rides in a row boat. On verso: "Addie"
A young woman in a dark dress stands outdoors. On verso: "Ma."
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